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In 1993, the martial arts world was turned upside down when a skinny brazilian man shocked the world by defeating several men and martial art styles in a single night in an event called The Ultimate Fighting Challenge, what is now known as the UFC. The Ultimate Fighting Challenge was an event put on with the intention to find out once and for all, what is the most effective fighting style. Unlike the UFC in modern day, the Ultimate Fighting Challenge had NO RULES,
NO JUDGES, and NO TIME LIMITS or ROUNDS! The only way to defeat your opponent was to either knock them out or make them submit or give up.

Royce Gracie, the representative for Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, defeated his opponents by neutralizing there striking, obtaining a clinch, and taking them down to the ground where he would then force them to submit by either applying a joint lock or choke hold, rendering them unconscious. What was most impressive is that Royce was almost always the smaller man and would sometimes defeat much bigger, heavier opponent without throwing a single strike. Proving that Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in fact was a martial art style that gives a smaller, weaker person the technique and ability to beat a much stronger, heavier opponent.


In 2000 , Eddie Redzovic became the lead instructor of the Gracie Academy affiliated school in his hometown of Chicago Illinois. Eddie and his brother Adem understood that if they were going to get a deeper understanding of the art, they would need to go to Brazil to study with the best Instructors in the world. It was in Brazil where Eddie met his teacher, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. Eddie and Adem were given the honor of becoming the first American representatives of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. in the United States. Eddie was also given the honor of being one of the first Americans to receive the rank of Black Belt from the hands of Carlos Gracie Jr.

When the family was not traveling to learn the gentle art they would regularly fly out world renown professors and fighters to continue their education. Some of the great fighters and instructors who have graced the mats at Team Redzovic include; Royce Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Carley Gracie, Kron Gracie, Clark Gracie, Rigan Machado, and COUNTLESS others! Team Redzovic is well known for bringing in the best talent to the Mid West. Today the Redzovic family, Eddie, Adem and Idriz are world renown instructors who have built one of the most successful teams in the united states and have taught seminars both nationally and internationally.

The Redzovic family are not only certified IBJJF black belt practitioners, but they have also been certified to teach the art directly from Master Carlos Gracie jr.

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