An Amazing Summer Experience

Give your kids a summer filled with fun, learning, new friends, all in a supportive and safe environment.

Parents & Kids Love the R-Kids Summer Camp.

Our comprehensive program offers easy, flexible and convenient options for you, and your kids will enjoy a summer filled with unforgettable fun, new challenges and new friends.

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Summer Growth.

The R-Kids Summer Camp is the perfect summer experience for kids of all ages. Our expert instructors work with each camper to develop their health, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem through fun and challenging activities.

summer is the perfect time for kids to acquire new skills, friends, and prepare themselves for the challenges of the next year.


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R-Team Jiu-jitsu is Chicago’s premier jiu-jitsu school with a kids program that places an emphasis on the development of health, self-esteem, and confidence. Our expert instructors will provide an excellent environment for your kids to thrive, grow, and learn.